I was a bit sceptical because I was always under the impression that once you had a tattoo that was it. This treatment completely removed them in 4 sessions so I would highly recommend!
by Sam
I am delighted with the results, no more hairy upper lip or chin - and Melissa, the technician, was a delight, always friendly and helpful.
by Chloe
After years of painful waxing, this gentle treatment has been wonderful; and there has been no re-growth for six months now.
by Julie
Although this is my job, I just wanted to point out how amazing IPL is. I have had hair removal, pigmentation, red veins and campbell de morgans (cherry angiomas) removed. I have also had skin rejuvenation with the IPL (which I love) and ALL have been successful, I highly recommend IPL if you have fair skin and dark hair like myself, its a winner!
by Sarah
I am currently having Fractional resurfacing for my scar on my hand and after 4 treatments, I am really starting to notice the difference, amazing technology.
by Wayne